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Photo: Mike Shunneson
     No Data. Nothing empirical. Research links?  Yes, of course, data and research drive our choices and methods in education, but those functions will be found on other sites. This site is about the application of ideas.  I am first and foremost an artist and a teacher. My knowledge of classroom methods has been acquired from experience. You could say I'm a slow learner, but I'm also a lifelong learner. Does this sound a little like you? Blending technology into the classroom challenges most of us.  I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and received training from patient, knowledgeable instructors.  They changed my life.  This site is intended to reflect my forward progress and express a passionately held conviction that this is the most important work of my long career.  
     Joy Kirr, Don Wettrick, Dave Burgess and others have inspired and informed me.  Ideas cherry-picked from those sources fill my classroom.  Further, I'm all-in on student choice and small group instruction.  I recently read Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.  Though it is a troubling tale about the destruction of an African culture, the storytelling tradition it reveals and the importance of elders in society are validating.  I am now counted among the elders in this society and storytelling has settled into my marrow.   The information shared in this site will be anecdotal, often humorous and poignant, but always genuine and reflective. It's a complex story and I've enlisted a lot of help in its telling and that telling is often more expansive than the simple case I try to make. In other words, I may be playing checkers here, hoping to address a base level of functionality, while they may be moving Knights and Queens and Rooks around the board.  So,  let's talk about The Bazaar Classroom as a method that expands and enriches our humanity.  I may ask more questions than I answer.  I hope you find this inquiry useful and that it motivates you to GET NIMBLE with student choice and small group instruction.
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