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Yes, Jurassic Park fans, this small dromaeosaurid dinosaur of the late Cretaceous Period is the velociraptor. The name translates to 'Swift Seizer'. Not only was this little reptile quick, it was well on its way to becoming a bird. So, by all means, be quick to grasp things  in your classroom, quick to spot an opportunity for choice, quick to optimize a group process, but to be nimble like our mascot you must also be transformative. 
Originally, I called this idea 'The Classroom Marketplace' which was nice until I realized 'Bazaar Classroom' popped.  I participated in a pilot project with an 8th grade art class in which they developed and executed various theme-related sculptures.  They used Canvas group tools to create and present their work.  Later, as I pondered what their success might mean to blended learning in my classes, this thought occurred to me:  I was now nimble enough to move . . . not just from one group to another within a classwide project . . . I was now nimble enough to move from one small group project to another within the class.  Wow.  My art classes have been doing team and collaborative work for decades, but with Canvas supporting the process, I could now offer my students true choice. The Marketplace was born and very soon it became, well, Bazaar.  
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