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Notice that small group assignments often leave blank columns in the grading tool      where students are not yet responsible for the work. So, simply use the 'Good' option to overcome this problem.
The 'Good' option in grading small groups--or should we call it the 'OK' option--is using PowerSchool or whatever grading tool you have used for years.  Simply go into that place and plug in the assignments and grades like old times. In building a Bazaar classroom, it is, in the humble opinion of this author, more important to establish choice and small groups first.  If you are using Canvas, that might mean going into your class settings and disabling grades to avoid confusion.  Please don't let the grading glitch stop you.  As you forge ahead, you'll get more NIMBLE in the next phase!  
This screencast video will lead you through the process of assessing small groups in Canvas. 
The Best way to update small group assessment in Canvas is contained in the Canvas Community website.  STAY NIMBLE by joining and checking for updates on all Canvas functions.  They, too, are NIMBLE and are constantly improving their products and might surprise us with an even cleaner connection between group pages and speedgrader.  Better still: maybe we can find alternatives to the current norms of assessment.
I could not resist putting this paper here to spike a little interest in alternatives. Granted this article is 15 years old, but it suggests useful options which we can easily update through Canvas.  One statement in here that formative assessments are more like collaborating with students in PBL catches my attention.  Have a look. Think about using that 'Collaborations' button on group homepages.  Or ???
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