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Sheltered in Place

This series is being created during the coronavirus pandemic. With the materials on hand and all that time in my studio away from my students, I have gained a new perspective on art, painting, and the precious nature of our connections with others.  Stay safe and healthy. Oh, and don't worry about the economy or people eating bats, worry about those who claim total authority, tweet lies, and would sacrifice tens of thousands of lives in the name of white supremacy, fascism, and unfettered capitalism. (Click on the images below for more information on each new piece.)

Go Figure #6.jpg
Restraint 4.JPG
Prometheus brighter.jpg
Lover in the Time of Cholera.jpg
Sheltered peace yeah.JPG
Spawn of Osiris.jpg
survival kit.jpg
Mariner 2.jpg
Short Fiction.jpg
Purple Rain.jpg
Shut-in D.jpg
Icarus 2.jpg
Void Ship.jpg
Word Hand.jpg
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